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Faith Life Friends

Christian Social Network

Meet new friends. Encourage and be encouraged. Grow in God's Word.

Why Choose Our Community?

three big facts that make us different from other social sites


Pure Christian Content

The content is Christ centered and faith filled with God's Word. No fleshly or worldly secular ads and the community content is monitored.


You Are Not For Sale

We never sell your information nor will personal data ever be shared with third parties.


Your Info is Protected and Private

The website is completely protected and private and cannot be accessed by search engines.

Invite Your Social Friends


Need prayer? Faith Life Friends is a great place to request prayer from others and a great place to share your testimonies when you see them answered. - Eph 6:18


Groups and Pages

Groups give ability to interact with others with common interests. Creators or administrators of groups can choose what priveledges their members have for interaction with the posts. 


Ministry Events Calendar

Have an event coming up for your Church, Ministry or charitable cause? Post it today and let the community know about it. Our system will help others find events near them.


24/7 Video on Demand

With Faith Life Friends you can watch videos that will build your faith 24/7. We do not charge for video uploading or viewing. Faith Life Friends is always free of charge and it is unlimited! 


Christian Topics and Discussion 

Our topic page is a great place to discuss Christian topics such as Prayer, Evangelism, God's Love, Forgiveness, Faith, Holy Spirit Baptism, Sharing Testimonies and more. 


Faith Life Friends is always at no cost to its members and has no advertising. It is supported by donations from its members. There is no obligation, but if you would like to help support us we cheerfully and graciously welcome it!

Our Privacy Policy

  • All information we collect from you during signup is kept within our system and is never distributed to 3rd parties.
  • Your profile and posts on the site are not searchable by Google or any other search engine. Our network is private and closed to the public view. 
  • You have the option to make your posts public to all members of Faith Life Friends Network or only to those you are friends with. 
  • You can choose to hide your online status to others by going to your profile information page and clicking on checkbox to "hide" online status. 
  • You can also choose who can see your profile within the network -- everyone, only friends or no one. 
  • We do use cookies that are stored in your web browser -- but it is only to keep you logged into the network and to send you internal site notifications.
  • That's it! Our simple privacy policy. Enjoy the Faith Life Friends Network!

It's Time To Build Your Faith!

Are you tired of being bombarded with the cares of this world while trying to enjoy a conversation with fellow Christians? Join us on Faith Life Friends and experience fellowship in a Christ centered global community.

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